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Discover your “NEW YOU” before Surgery



 Plastic & cosmetic surgery is about beautifying & improving appearance & looks. Prior to deciding to go for any aesthetic procedure, you might ponder about: How would I look after the operation? Would I get a natural look?  How to select the best practicing surgeon?
Until late, patients couldn’t have a visualized answer to their questions & wonderings about their appearance post aesthetic & reconstructive surgeries. The options seem limitless & bewildering.

However, for the first time in plastic surgery history, patients seeking any aesthetic beautifying surgery can envisage their new faces & bodies in 3D web-based virtual preview technique.

Cosmetic Surgery Center is pleased to introduce, along with its various top-tier aesthetic & reconstructive procedures.

 Crisalix enables you answer the most common head spinning question: “How might I look after the procedure?” through its unique online technology thereby mitigating your fears & at the same time improving your level of satisfaction both during the consultation and post-surgery.

Crisalix breakthrough is the leading, Swiss made clinically tested virtual reality 4D & 3D imaging solution for patients still hesitant to go through any aesthetic process.

Crisalix allows you discover your new look before undergoing any surgical procedure reconstructing your body from 2D into 3D images using the 3D imaging goggles. You can simulate breast augmentations for instance based on various types of implants, as well as facial and cosmetic procedures, such as botox injections, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), eyelid surgery, body contouring and many more. In this way, you will be able to view the changes from every sort of angle, comparing them to original version of your body.

You can watch the following summative video to better comprehend how that works.

(Insert 3D plastic surgery simulation for face, body and breasts).

The following videos display an illustration for each part aside.


Image 1

Check out this Mammo video

Figure 2

Watch this explanatory video 


figure 3

Check this video



figure 4


Check out a video of live reaction of patient using VR goggles:


figure 5




figure 6


Video here

figure 7



  • 98%would recommend Crisalix to their friends.
  • 99% would recommend their surgeon using this technology.
  • 96% felt satisfied with their 3D during consultation.
  • 97% were satisfied with their 3D versus reality.
  • 99% were satisfied with their surgery.
  • 83% felt Crisalix helped them choose their implants.


** It is worth mentioning that 3D imaging is meant to be a guiding tool rather than an exact representation of how you will look after surgery. There is no perfect way to predict for example breast actual post surgery size or shape. Crisalix 3D serves visualization and illustrative purposes only. It does not endorse or guarantee any outcome.