How can I lift my neck and my jaw line with a filler of something else without a surgery?

Lifting with fillers can be done with some limitations depending on the amount of relaxation present. Other minimally invasive methods include silhouette thread lift can be also an option if the relaxation is not a major one. Of course, at a certain level of relaxation nothing will replace a face lift for a full result.


I am a 37 yo mother of 3 who is 5″10 and 270lbs. My question is, am I even a candidate for a mommy makeover?

I know your frustration and I can feel with you. The things you are asking for are very normal and realistic. I know you will find surgeons asking you to loose weight before they agree to operate on you, but that is not fair. Such a task will be very difficult before you can see some results of your efforts and thus the surgery will help you achieve this. One important thing though, is to keep a realistic expectation of the results and to keep in mind that some work of dieting and exercise will be required at your end after the healing occurs in order to improve on or at least maintain the results that you will have.


How much time do I need to recover from a BBL before taking a long haul flight?

A thirteen hour flight in itself is a risk for a deep venous thrombosis. This risk will increase after surgery of any kind, especially if the liposuction involved is an extensive one. No one will be able to exactly tell you the risk you are taking but there are things you can do to make it smaller. The most important step is to make your flight shorter if possible. The second equally important step is to make sure you keep moving in the plane every now and then. A third, maybe less important step, is to wear compression stockings to prevent blood pooling in your legs. When people from the Gulf travel to Beirut for their surgeries i usually tell them they can safely go back home within one to two weeks after the surgery if they follow the above recommendations. Choosing a surgeon who is well versed in this procedure is important to make sure you get a good result.


Is being pre-diabetic puts me a greater risk for a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

Being a diabetic or prediabetic should not be a contraindication for any procedure. It is the associated abnormalities in vasculature, kidneys, heart, … etc that might pose a contraindication. I advise you to check again with your family doctor for the real reason for the non clearance. If it is only diabetes and your blood sugar is well controlled then I advise you to seek another opinion. If there is a major contraindication such as kidney disease or heart problem then yes I might agree that the risk is not worth it.


Is a cosmetic surgeon less reliable or less certified than a plastic surgeon?

This dilemma is now an international one and is present in almost every country. The question you need to ask yourself is how did this doctor become a cosmetic surgeon without going into proper training of plastic surgery. Because cosmetic surgery is a lucrative cash based practice, a lot of doctors from other specialties and sometimes non doctor personnel claim to themselves the title of cosmetic surgeons. If you like this doctor, I suggest you go deeper into his training and specialty. If you find that his training was not in plastic surgery, then he is fraud. If his training is in Plastic Surgery, then ask more about his experience in Rhinoplasty and look at before and after photos. Remember, you want to have a nose job once and it better be a good job.


Can fillers for outer eye hollows cause blindness?

It is true that there are reports in the literature about sight loss after injecting the tear trough deformity, this complication can be easily avoided. Make sure you see a plastic surgeon who is well versed in this technique. Steps to avoid this complication include staying away from the inner corner of the eye, aspirating before injecting, and probably using a cannula instead of a needle. Also make sure to have a thin material injected like juvederm ultra 4.