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RealSelf Patient Reviews of Shady Hayek, MD

I approached Dr. Hayek for a consultation regarding a tummy tuck after several consultations with other doctors. I decided to go ahead with him because he was very clear in his explanation of the risks and benefits of the procedure and very professional in his approach. I was very happy with my results especially that Dr. Hayek reconstituted my abdominal muscles and restored my hourglass shape – something I had lost after several pregnancies. My umbilicus was also reconstituted nicely and the scarring was minimal. What I would also like to note is Dr. Hayek’s professional bedside manners and follow up after the surgery which made the whole experience a lot smoother.


Had Amazing results, amazing lips form, got amazing contour without the ugly duck lips. Nobody could tell that i did any procedure, they were just wondering that my lips are much more beautiful.

Also the Dr helped in getting rid of some serious facial fibrosis due to earlier fillers (done many years ago by some unprofessional ppl). I was suffering from swellings and serious puffiness. Now gradually am restoring the natural form of my face.

Maya Zein

Doing the nose surgery.. It was a hard decision to make. But when I decided to make it with doctor Shady Hayek it was a very good choice.. And the surgery was very fast and after all it wasn’t painful.. I loved the results though.. And I don’t regret doing it with the best doctor “Shady Hayek” I think everyone should visit and check with him.

Amal Abdul

I want to thank you for your help in my elective search and your recommendation to Dr. Cunningham. During our rotation in plastic surgery and throughout this year, you have been a teacher and a mentor to us, inspiring me to work harder and continue learning with an open and inquisitive spirit. I hope I will be able to return the kindness you have shown to me.

Once again, thank you so much for your time, expertise and patience.



I know the spirit is more important than the appearance, or how we look like, but it helps to make us like our body, so I would like to thank you for making my ears nice, and when anyone tells my mom what a lovely girl you have, I remember your magic hands. Thank you again and I wish you become the number one in the “world”.