Hemangiomas - Dr. Shady Hayek


Vascular masses in infants and young children can range from completely benign such as Hemangiomas and AV malformations, to malignant tumors such as Infantile, Fibrosarcoma, and Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Most benign tumors, especially hemangiomas, are managed conservatively with regular followup unless they involve or obsecure vital structures such as the eyes, mouth and neck areas.

The diagnosis can be most of the time made clinically by history and physical exam and it’s very important to present early in order to make the correct diagnosis. [Hayek, S., Janom, H., Ibrahim, A., Koutobi, A., Khalifeh, H., Moran, S.

Infantile Fibrosarcoma: Differentiating features in History and Presentation. Under review at the J. Hand Surg]

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